Do gay and lesbian people head to hell?

The response to that issue is no.
Despite what some spiritual people make an effort to tell you, being gay isn’t a sin and it doesn’t allow you to go to terrible. It’s only a part of who also you happen to be.

The Bible will not say that homosexuality is a desprovisto, nor do the Older Testament laws and regulations prohibit this. The Bible does, however , alert of the implications for those who engage in homosexual activities that are sporadic with the new life in Jesus Christ.

Homosexuality was never a great innate or perhaps natural orientation for humans. It was something which came about throughout the disobedience of human beings (Genesis 3: 17-18).

Paul uses the term arsenokoitai, translated in the ESV as “men who practice homosexuality”, to refer to a a comprehensive portfolio of sinful actions that characterizes those who are not only and for whom the law has been produced. This includes erectile immorality, fermage of women and also other forms of guilty execute that not in favor of the commencement of’sound doctrine’ and the gospel we now have in Christ.

Christian believers believe that Goodness determines just who goes to heaven, not man or any man authority.

Should you be gay, or if you are a homosexual Christian, you have a personal romance with Jesus Christ and you will spend eternity in paradise with him. Weight loss go to terrible unless you are committing a great act of evil that may be prohibited in the Holy book, like homosexuality×80-Jersey-Pride.jpg or idolatry.