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Web developers, especially React developers can leverage this knowledge to build bigger apps. React developers are more than happy to be able to use existing patterns they have followed into a new platform altogether. In fact, they are targeting two more platforms with what they already know very well. Furthermore, changes done to the code during development are loaded onto the testing devices almost instantly! This used to take several minutes when we had native development through other approaches. Developers are able to enjoy the instant feedback they used to love with web development.

There Is No Shortage of RN Devs

The number of libraries and frameworks for JavaScript is steadily growing. Every year there are new “killers” that promise better performance, more usability, and fewer bugs. This process can’t be stopped, it just remains to be monitored so that you don’t end up in a situation where your stack is outdated. In terms of screens with complex gestures, developers may have some difficulty, because the Android and iOS touch subsystems are too different to use a unified API.

With it, developers create a single code base that compiles to both native Swift and Java, creating a bridge between web interface components and their operating system counterparts. Today, React Native has a large community of developers, making it one of the most popular cross-platform development tools. They specialize native mobile application in creating mobile applications using React Native, which is a mobile application development framework. In a nutshell, React Native is your best option if you plan on developing a mobile application. It significantly reduces load time while simultaneously creating a user interface that is clean, fluid, and responsive.

Native Look and Feel

In this section, we chose the best three alternatives for React Native. React Native was born in 2013 when Facebook started developing its internal Hackathon project to address the company’s growing demands. Since then, React Native has come a long way, becoming one of the most popular frameworks.

  • It’s simply because this is a powerful, cross-platform mobile app development tool that lets you build high-quality mobile apps very fast.
  • Uber’s daughter company, Uber Eats, is built with React Native to improve user experience.
  • It was a great, scalable solution for this service due to the features necessary in this field such as push notifications.
  • These components make up the core of React Native, guaranteeing that an application built with the framework will be responsive and provide the user with the best possible experience.
  • However, though React Native enabled reusable code, Airbnb had to switch back to native technologies to meet specific needs in their app development process.

React Native is a cross-platform framework used by thousands of apps built by Fortune 500 firms and even startups. The company also used React Native to build its own Ads Manager app, which is available on both iOS and Android. This makes it easy for a swarm of developers to offer advice to beginners. You can visit the React Native Community on Github to learn about the framework and download resources. Right from planning, designing to development, the experts will include the best approaches at all development stages to empower you with potential solutions.

Why choose React Native

Like React Native, it was also developed by the Facebook engineering team. We have all the tools and downloadable guides you need to do your job faster and better – and it’s all free. React Native has been leveraged and utilized among programmers for more than 7 years now, and positively gained thrust because of its effectiveness among technology giants.

react native based mobile application

These represent standalone blocks that can be reused in different parts of the same application or in other apps. This article aims to inspire you to use this project as a starting point to build complex mobile apps using React Native. Writing a single app using React Native saves time, as the code reusability in different operating systems makes it easier and faster to use. This improves development speed compared with developing separate apps for each operating system .

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Doing this has allowed us to help hundreds of companies to transform their business and save millions. Since building an app from scratch can be expensive, React Native offers a number of third-party plugins options including JavaScript-based and native modules. The third-party plugins eliminate the need for specific web view functions and help enhance the app’s functionality and performance. Building a mobile app is a sure-fire way to leverage this exponential growth for your business.

react native based mobile application

Your partner company or your developers should let you know about this during the app estimation process. React is an open-source JavaScript library used on frontend to build fast and reliable User Interfaces for web applications. Since you are targeting to complete the development project as early as in 10 days, therefore, make sure you have created the right environment for the React Native. While React Native app development companies are already backed by such things, so this is for the developers who are handling the project alone. Wondering how it is possible to develop your first ever REACT NATIVE application in 2021 in just 10 days? Well, today we are living in a highly tech-driven world, where everything is possible if you are on the right path and equipped with the right tools.

Building RN Apps Is Very Fast

React Native is a hybrid mobile app development platform that uses JavaScript and native code to build cross-platform mobile apps. While React Native uses native components, it’s not a purely native platform. However, it provides many of the same performance benefits as native development and is widely used for building high-quality mobile apps.